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As you inspect the state of your old Air Conditioner, you’re probably wondering when is the ideal time to replace it. Here’s a few things you should consider while you’re weighing your options:


  1. That old system probably has R-22 (freon) as a coolant in it. R-22 units are no longer made and are being phased out permanently. They are getting harder and more expensive to repair by the day. New units today use an environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant that is readily available and safer for our ozone layer.
  2. Energy is getting more expensive every year, and your cooling costs are rising each time the cost of power increases. Newer high efficiency central air conditioners can save you up to use anywhere up to 60% over even a 5 year old unit.
  3. On going cost of owning and maintaining an older unit can be expensive. Most of our new Lennox Brand Air Conditioners have at least 10 year compressor and parts warranties, which means less worry about service repairs.
  4. Shhh . . . quiet. Our new units are much quieter than the old units. We have Air Conditioners like the new Super Efficient Lennox XC25 with sound ratings as low as 59dB,. Compared to some of the older cooling systems, it’s like the difference between the sound of heavy city traffic vs a quiet office. It’s a win win for you and your neighbors.
  5. Many of our new Lennox Air conditioning units are designed to work in concert with your indoor air handling unit. They use communicating technology to optimize the operation and performance of the system under a multitude of design conditions. This advanced technology also allows for quicker diagnostic and repairs, and with the proper control, we can see this online.
  6. Take advantage of of staged cooling. In our area, most homes have a forced air furnaces paired with their cooling system. Many of these systems have multi-stage fans that in many cases work with a dual stage AC unit. A two stage air conditioner uses less energy because it doesn’t have to work full out if the outdoor temperatures do not require it. It also gives better dehumidifying and reduces the swing between the actual temperature and the set point on your thermostat.
  7. Replacing your equipment now means you can get the unit right-sized for your home. Many, many homes have the wrong equipment installed. This results in poor cooling, poor dehumidifying and costly utility bills. Our certified techs do a load calculation with a CSA approved program to ensure you get the right sized unit. We guarantee it, and we do the load calcs and the equipment estimate for free!
  8. Inverter compressors are now available for Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps! Recently, Lennox introduced inverter compressors into their residential lines. Even better than a two stage air conditioner, the inverter compressor has variable capacity in increments as low as 1%. This means using only as much power as you need, when you need it. And this type of system is unmatched when you consider its’ efficiency at up to 25 SEER. And of course, variable capacity means less sound, more dehumidifying and the ultimate in customer satisfaction.
  9. New HVAC equipment adds to the value of your home. Having new equipment can be a selling feature for potential new homeowners. Who would know better about the homes comfort and performance than the existing owner? If you’re leaving the old equipment for the next home owner to replace, it can reflect on the selling price, the attractiveness of your home or both. You may as well replace it now and get some enjoyment and energy savings out of it yourself.
  10. That being said, it’s so important to select the best equipment for your comfort and budget, but make sure you’re dealing with someone you can trust and has a great pnline presence and reputation. A great installation with top notch equipment and the service to back it up. That makes all the difference.

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Article by Justin Meagher


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