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At the height of summer, temperatures across Canadian cities can soar. Unfortunately, some homeowners will learn that their AC system can’t keep up with the demand and will have to call for air conditioner service. Instead of wasting money on constant repairs for an old system—upgrade to a new high efficiency air conditioner and enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, comfort and reliability.

A-Comfortable-Home-is-a-Connected-HomeIncreased Efficiency

This one is obvious. Technology has drastically improved and air conditioners sold today are far more energy efficient than older models. When you replace your system with a new high efficiency air conditioner, you’ll likely notice a decrease in monthly energy bills.

Increased Comfort
As air conditioners age, it can be harder for systems to keep a steady temperature throughout the house. Additionally, it could take longer for the AC to cool the entire space, affecting your comfort during hot summer days. With an AC upgrade, you can expect more consistent cooling from your system. Some units like the Lennox XC25 are able to control temperture with 0.5 degrees at all times.

Increased Reliability
An older AC is more prone to breakdowns simply because of the years of wear and tear it has endured and will likely require more service and repairs than a new system. Also, manufacturer warranties usually expire after a decade, so if you’re AC is older than 10 years, you’ll be responsible for covering the cost of replacement parts and labour. Upgrading to a new high efficiency air conditioner can be a financial investment but it’s often a more economical option than continually spending money on neverending repairs.

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Article by Justin Meagher


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