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Lennox is known world wide as an HVAC industry leader and innovator. This reputation is hard earned through R&D, engineering, quality control, technological innovation, and customer service. Every Lennox product is designed with customer comfort in mind. Each of the three Lennox product lines is specifically tailored to meet customer’s needs and wants in a home HVAC system. Let's take a look at the highlights for each of Lennox’s A/C product lines.  


Merit Series – Lennox 13ACX & 14ACX

The Lennox Merit Series is the perfect pairing of reliable performance and affordability. This product line is specifically designed and engineered to provide effective, efficient heating and cooling for the conservative consumer. Scroll compressors, precision balanced fan motors and blades, top of the line electrical components and a robust chassis and cabinet create the perfect blend of effective, efficient cooling and affordability. The high efficiency outdoor coil provides exceptional heat transfer, reaching from 13-15 SEER, cooling your home faster, quieter and with lower operating costs than competing models. With a 10 year limited parts warranty, components designed for durability & easy service and a price tag to keep you smiling all summer, the Lennox Merit series is sure winner.



Elite Series – XC13 & EL16XC1

The Lennox Elite Series Line of Products is truly a cut above. Available 2 stage units in this line allow for more precise temperature control when you need it and lower operating costs when demand is lower. Offering high efficiency outdoor coils with a unique shape and design engineered for maximum heat transfer with reduced airflow restrictions. A comprehensive 10 year parts and 10 year compressor warranty give customers the confidence they crave from their HVAC equipment. Advanced Copeland Scroll compressors provide ultra quiet and energy efficient cooling even in the harshest conditions. With a galvanized steal chassis and cabinet this line laughs in the face of Alberta winters. In this regard the EL16XC1 takes the cake. With Quantum Coil technology the outdoor unit not only gains performance and lifespan but reduces noise levels considerably. Boasting up to 15.5 SEER in the XC13 and up to 17 SEER in the EL16XC1, this product line is perfectly designed for the environmentally conscious consumer looking for an affordable meeting point of efficiency, dependability, and capability.


Dave Lennox Signature Collection – SL18XC1, XC21, XC25

The Dave Lennox Signature Collection is the ultimate product line for luxurious home comfort. With SEER Ratings from 17 - 26 SEER and truly variable capacity compressors, these Air Conditioners blow the competition away. Boasting the most efficient residential A/C unit on the market as awarded by Energy Star in 2017, the XC25. This line is Lennox’s shining achievement, saving customers hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year while providing the most effective and precise cooling available. With noise levels at 50% of any standard air conditioner and Precise Comfort Technology which allows temperature control within a half a degree at all times using only the energy needed to keep your air consistently comfortable. Did we mention it’s solar ready, and of course this line comes with Lennox's industry leading 10 year comprehensive parts and compressor warranty. Pairing these units together with their heating counterparts in the Ultimate Comfort System Package provides consumers with a unique balance of efficiency, precision and engineering mastery. 


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Article by Justin Meagher


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