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Many of us enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with a good DIY project. Before you decide to talk that HVAC problem that’s been bugging you, remember that your HVAC system is an extremely intricate set of systems, controls and equipment. It’s also one of if not the most costly systems In your home. A DIY HVAC project can not only cost you much more money in the long run when you inevitably call in a pro, but it can put your family’s safety at serious risk.

1. You can make unintentional, expensive mistakes.

You might think that you can get the basics of HVAC repair down by watching videos and reading online, but it takes lengthy training and practical experience for a technician to become proficient at diagnosing and repairing HVAC equipment. Without that knowledge and hands-on experience, it's easy to make a mistake that has long-term repercussions for your system's performance, reliability, safety and energy efficiency.

2. You will probably void your warranty

HVAC manufacturers warranty their products against failures due to factory defects, but they usually require proof that all maintenance and repairs were performed by a licensed professional before they'll honor a claim. Attempting HVAC repairs yourself could cost you this coverage if your equipment is still under warranty.

3. You can put your family’s safety at risk

Your HVAC system runs on electricity and/or gas, and it contains pressurized refrigerant. A lack of expertise working with these three elements can result in a deadly explosion or house fire, hazardous gas or refrigerant leak, or a life-threatening electrical shock or electrocution.

4. You can waste a lot more money and time than if you’d called a pro in the first place.

If your aim is saving time and money with DIY repairs, this can easily backfire. You can invest a lot of time in troubleshooting a problem, spend money on parts that may or may not solve the issue, and have to buy specialized tools as well. If you make a mistake that damages the system, you can also face a much higher repair bill when you finally decide to call in a pro.

Instead of attempting DIY HVAC repairs,

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Article by Justin Meagher


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