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***Prices are estimated costs based on Lendrix HVAC Services Inc's pricing as of March 2019

Shopping for a new AC system can feel a lot like shopping for a car. There a ton of mid level brands and there are few low and high level brands. Each brand has its own product lines with anywhere from 2-15 different models. Lennox for example has 3 product lines. Merit (base), Elite (mid level), and the Dave Lennox Signature Collection (Premium model). Each Product line and subsequent model has it's own benefits and drawbacksuntitledThe Merit series units 13ACX, 14ACX and 16ACX offer reliable performance and good efficiency at an affordable rate. They offer a good limited 10 year warranty, but they lack in system protection devices. An installation of a Merit 13acx ranges from $3,000 - $4,000 depending on the required unit size. If we up the efficiency in this product line to the 16ACX you're looking at $5,000-$6000.

The Elite Series XC13, XC16, XC20 and EL16XC1 line offers an excellent comprehensive 10 year warranty. They offer better efficiency ratings and include system protection safety devices. The EL16XC1 is a single stage unit boasting an aluminum outdoor coil allowing for increased heat transfer and lifespan in Alberta's inconsistent climate. The XC16 and XC20 offer 2 stage and variable capacity cooling respectively. An installation of the XC13 ranges from $3,800-$4,900. Bumping up to the XC20 unit which is the most efficient in this line running a truly variable capacity compressor will run from $5,900-$7,350

Finally the Dave Lennox Signature Collection are the crème of the crop. Offering units including the SL18XC1 (single stage compressor) XC21 (2 stage) and XC25 (variable capacity). These units offer a comprehensive 10 year warranty, included system safety devices, compressor sound dampening, and are the most efficient and precise residential AC unit on the market. Did we mention the XC25 is solar hookup ready? Yep, it could potentially cost you $0.00 to run. An installation of the SL18Xc1 ranges from $5,800-$6,800. And the XC25; which undoubtedly can save your family hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs, runs from $8,100-$9,400

This brief breakdown will help guide you in the right direction when choosing a new system that fits your needs, wants and budget. For more information on the complete Lennox product line,

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Article by Justin Meagher


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