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rinnai_productservices_hero Whether your home improvement goal is to increase your family’s comfort or raise the resale value of your property, switching to a tankless water heater is a great idea. Not only does it use one-third less energy than a conventional storage tank water heater, it’s also extremely space efficient and provides an endless supply of hot water.

Unlike traditional water heaters, which store and heat large quantities of water, tankless systems heat water on demand using a heat exchanger. Activated by incoming water, the exchanger eliminates standby heat loss by efficiently heating cold water to a pre-set temperature as it is needed.

There are 3 big benefits to a tankless water heater:

  1. Energy Efficient: With today’s ever-increasing energy costs, home equipment designed for low-cost operation makes sense – and a lot of cents.
  2. Convenient: Tankless heaters usually take up less space than your typical carry-on suitcase so they fit practically anywhere. Plus, most models are designed and outfitted with modern digital displays and controls, making them exceptionally easy to use.
  3. Continuous: Cost-savings and size aside, maybe the best reason to switch to tankless is that it offers a continuous supply. The days of running out of hot water in the morning, because three other members of your family took showers before you, are over.

While tankless water heaters are considerably smaller than traditional water heaters, it’s still essential to consult a professional to have one installed – as well to discuss the model best suited to the size of your household and particular lifestyle.

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Article by Justin Meagher


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