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High-end air conditioners are growing in popularity throughout Canada. Premium model Air Coniditoning units offer a wide variety of features that can meet the needs and desires of most homeowners. With technology advancing so quickly many of these premium units are becoming more and more affordable. When shopping for new cooling systems, more homeowners are turning to high-end models in a market still dominated by basic systems. This is largely due to the technology, convenience and energy savings these high-end air conditioners offer.


· Variable capacity air conditioners offer many efficiency benefits for users. These systems deliver superior comfort in the home, with precision temperature maintenance up to 0.5 degrees. This decreases large temperature swings and frequent system cycling. Better humidity control is another advantage these systems.

· Today’s homeowner looks for products to make life easy. When searching for air conditioning systems, they are looking for improved efficiency, indoor air quality, and integration with smart home hubs. High-end air conditioners offer these capacities where many basic models lack them.

· Zone control with high-end air conditioners is popular, allowing homeowners to realize lower energy consumption and utility bills thanks to the customized outputs the systems provide.

· HVAC systems are now being seen as a vital component of the home, rather than just part of the home’s mechanics. Homeowners recognize the HVAC system’s impact on comfort, convenience, and health, and are willing to invest in higher quality equipment to benefit in these areas. Homeowners turn to high-end air conditioners to improve indoor air quality, controlling dust, bacteria, allergens, and mold.

· Millennial homeowners have largely affected the move toward high-end air conditioners. Many in this generation are purchasing fixer-upper homes and are upgrading existing systems with newer technology. This group of homeowners values health, energy efficiency, and convenience over saving money on a system purchase, and are focused on environmentally friendly products as well as doing business with manufacturers demonstrating social responsibility.

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Article by Justin Meagher


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