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More people are enjoying condo living than ever before. However, one drawback with condos is the often underperforming—or nonexistent—cooling system that comes with the building. Some people resort to using a window AC, but there’s a better home comfort solution: ductless air conditioning.

lennoxThere are many advantages to installing a ductless air conditioner in your condo.

Increased Efficiency
Upgrading to a ductless air conditioner is one of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency. Window air conditioners suffer from air leaks and wasted energy, leading to higher monthly hydro bills. A ductless air conditioner has a low operating cost and will not significantly increase energy bills during the summer.

Safer Option
Window AC units are a potential security risks for break-ins, as they can be removed from the outside to allow easy access to your condo. They also pose a fire risk when plugged into extension cords and power strips. These risks are not an issue with a ductless mini-split system as a certified technician has the expertise to safely install the unit in your condo.

Increased Comfort
One of the biggest downsides of window AC units is how they can negatively affect the level of comfort with their noisiness, uneven cooling and obstructed views. Ductless systems come in sleek unobtrusive designs with many placement options, and they operate significantly quieter while providing even cooling throughout your condo.

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Article by Justin Meagher


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