Air conditioning makes hot summer nights more bearable.

Summers are precious in Calgary, and that makes it even more important for you to be able to enjoy every last second of the sun, the fun and the hot hot heat. But part of enjoying the hot summer days is knowing you’ve got a sweet escape from those summer nights. When you install air conditioning to your home, you’re increasing it’s monetary value but more importantly, you're perfecting your ultimate comfort zone by creating a climate that’s ideal for you and your family – day and night. Say goodbye to loud fans and portables, sweaty sheets and camping in the basement when it’s too hot upstairs!

High quality, commercial grade installations with curb appeal.

Lendrix is proud to be an Authorized Lennox Dealer. You can rest easy knowing the power of Lennox's industry leading technology and engineering is behind every installation we do. Our attention to detail will leave your home looking fantastic and feeling even better both inside and out. 

Additional services for your home

  • Hot Water Tank Replacement
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation / Service
  • Furnace Replacement / Service 
  • Garage Heater Installation / Service 
  • Whole Home Humidifier Installation / Service
  • Basic and Smart Thermostat Installation / Service
  • Radiant Heat Installation / Service
  • Electronic Air Cleaner Installation / Service