Take a Breather

The Lendrix HVAC Team knows the power of a clean HVAC System. With Professional Duct Cleaning Services you can improve indoor air quality by reducing indoor allergens, dust, mold and airborne bacteria. 

A clean system will also provide you with reliable equipment operation. Dust and debris within the duct system will eventually make it's way back to your furnace or air handler. This causes decreased system performance and system reliability. Dust and debris will eventually cause motors to overheat and burn out and even have the potential to start fires within the HVAC system. 

Our Process

nikro PDU4000
  • Before we begin our technician will take before photos of the interior of your system with a high resolution inspection camera. 
  • We use a powerful 5000 CFM Negative Air Machine to create a deep vacuum within your HVAC system. The Nikro PDU4000 uses a 3 step Pure HEPA filtration system and is connected to the ductwork above the furnace. 
  • Each duct line is blocked off at the floor register to increase the vacuum within the system. The duct line to be cleaned is opened up and a 300 PSI air compressor along with a system of air rods and cleaning attachments is pushed through the ductline. This agitates the dust and debris within the line and forces it down to the Negative Air Machine. The debris is collected by the machine and 100% pure filtered air is pumped back into the home. 
  • This process is repeated for each and every duct line in the system until all dust, dirt and debris are collected in the machine's filtration system. 
  •  An all natural, organic cleaner and sanitizer fog is then pulled through each duct line by the machine, killing 99.9% of airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and allergens.
  • Finally we will show you the finished product with pictures of your renewed HVAC system. 

Services Include.

Standard Duct Cleaning with Compressed Air. $299
  • Full 24 point Furnace Inspection/Tune Up
  • Negative air machine hook up and compressed air cleaning.
  • Includes all ducts up to 2000 sq/ft or 16 ducts. $10/additional duct.
  • Before and after pictures included. 
  • No waste disposal fee
  • Add main floor/basement dryer vent cleaning for $30

Premier Duct Cleaning with Compressed Air & Sanitizing. $399

  • Full 24 point Furnace Inspection/Tune Up
  • Negative air machine hook up and compressed air cleaning.
  • Sanitizer fog through each of the duct lines and main trunk.
  • Includes all ducts up to 2000 sq ft or 16 ducts. $10/additional duct.
  • Before and after pictures included.
  • No waste disposal fee
  • Main floor/basement dryer vent cleaning included. 


So, if you're ready to make the most of your home and HVAC equipment,

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