Get The Most Out Of Your Home Starting at $2,099

Your garage is an extension of the rest of your home, or at least it should be. Are you taking full advantage of every square foot? A forced air or radiant garage heater is the perfect solution for the enthusiastic hobbyist, the weekend workshop-warrior, and the driven com4fb1f16f-be46-4203-ae17-7568b4c2269alf24-productmuter alike. Provide your space with efficient heating to keep you, your family and your pets warm while preparing to brave the tundra that is Alberta. Perfect for converted offices, shelters, storage units, the uses are endless. Treat yourself to the convenience of decreased warm up times before work and forget about window scraping all together. Lennox Garage heaters help to reduce heat loss from the rest of your home through your garage. Do you have a freezing cold bonus room above the garage? Yep, it will help with that too. Finally, you will never come home to find your garage door frozen shut again.

So, if you're ready to come in out of the cold,

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