This Is Really Getting Steamy.

You use hot water everyday. In fact, you use a bunch of hot water. About 50-100 gallons per average Canadian 3 person household per day. That's a lot of demand on your water heater day in and day out for it's entire lifespan. Throw in a couple more kids, maybe a dog or two and you can imagine the workload your heater goes through. If you're noticing increased warm up times and a decrease in the amount of time your hot water lasts it may be time for an upgrade. 

There are three basic types of water heaters.

The mid efficient hot water tank is your typical tank, usually around 50 gallons and about 83% efficient. This means the tank will efficiently utilize 83% of the fuel and energy required to 66090539_614heat the water held in the tank. The other 17% is lost in fuel burn off and heat loss. Most homes older than 10 years will have a mid efficient tank. When the time comes for a replacement, upgrading to a high efficient tank can help reduce operating costs and provide the hot water you need with less warm up time.


The next stylhigh+efficient+tanke is a high efficient direct vent tank. These tanks run anywhere from 90% up to 96% efficient. They have an improved heat exchanger design and are assisted by using an air intake / exhaust fan to more efficiently move fuel, flames and exhaust through the unit. Upgrading to a high efficient water tank could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year in energy consumption costs. They also have a faster heat up time than a traditional mid efficient tank. 



Finally, the Cadillac of water heaters, the Tankless System. noritz tanklessTankless units have an extremely efficient heat exchanger capable of heating water on demand. When the unit senses the request for hot water (an open tap) it begins the firing sequence and heats only the water requested. With a tankless heater you can take a shower, cook dinner, bathe the dog, get the kid's bath-time taken care of and then wash the car. Rinse and repeat. With hot water on demand you never have to run out of hot water in the middle of your shower again. Operating up to an incredible 99% efficient, nearly all of the energy consumed is converted directly into hot water. Finally, there is no heat loss from water sitting in a tank when it's not being used and eventually cooling back down only to be reheated over and over. Tankless heaters are the perfect pairing between convenience and utility. 

So, when you finally reach your boiling point,

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